Procurement + Digitalization + Passion

ProNav's mission is to do great business for our clients. We lead and drive change within supply chain management, procurement, digitalization and negotiation management, as interim managers, trainers, and management consultants.



At ProNav we believe that everyone can become at good negotiator. We provide negotiation training programs and negotiation coaching, for individuals and for organizations. We also offer services as negotiation managers supporting organization reaching their objectives through leading and facilitating negotiations.


Need to inprove your skills in supply chain management, inventory management, sourcing, or negotiation? We have a proved track record in delivering corporate training programs, university and college classes and have provided 500+ weeks of college and university courses, and 100+ days of advanced training for business professionals in Europe and Asia.

Supply Chain Management

We are passionate about sourcing and have a proven track record in supporting and empowering organizations within sourcing, digitalization, automation and logistics. ProNav can drive change processes, develop sourcing categories, lead sourcing projects, and much more. 

Interim Management

ProNav has an extensive track record in providing interim management, specialized in senior roles in supply chain, procurement and general management.