NegotiatorPro I

Is negotiation an important success factor in your job? Are you always pleased with your negotiation results? Maybe it's for you like for most of us; sometimes a hero, sometimes a zero... Training will increase your odds. And there is always more to learn. 

Just like in arts and sports, practicing negotiation will increase your negotiation capacity. At the same time every negotiation is unique, and there is always more to learn. And your own ATTITUDE is the foundation for a winning negotiation.

What will I gain?

In NegotiatiorPro 1 you will be instructed and inspired by seasoned negotiators. You will aquire a negotiator toolbox, get an insight about different negotiator characters, and fundamentals for international negotiations. You will gain know-how on how to act in different situations. Most importantly you will work with you own negotiation attitude!

Who shall participate?

NegotiatorPro 1 is an introductory course for anyone who negotiates in their profession. The course gives an overview of negotiation fundamentals and benefits sourcing-, sales-, project-, service-, productions, and HR-managers, as well as other professionals who negotiate in their workplace.

Course outline

  • Basic steps in negotiation
  • Setting objectives and strategies
  • Preparations
  • Questioning techniques
  • Understanding yourself
  • Understanding your counterpart
  • Negotiating in difficult situations
  • Team negotiating
  • International negotiation intro
  • Characteristics of a NegotiatorPro

All training and material is in English. The training is highly interacive where negotiation theory is mixed with exercises and role plays.


Gunnar Lindh. Gunnar has 20+ years management experience within supply chain management in organizations including SAS, AstraZeneca and Lantmännen. He has lived and worked in four continents and is a seasoned international negotiator. Co-trainer Irina Dickman, a passionate trainer and supply chain manager, with special knowledge about Eastern European negotiations.

Better negotiations!

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