ProNav - Sourcing, Supply Chain, and IT Skills

ProNav's mission is to do great business for out clients! We provide highly qualified services and training programs in purchasing, supply chain management, outsourcing and IT management.

ProNav AB was founded in 2007 by Gunnar Lindh. Gunnar previously held senior sourcing positions in SAS and Green Cargo, preceeded by roles as consultant, IT manager and change manager.

Today, ProNav consists of Gunnar Lindh, Irina Dickman and Annapia Thorin. Together, we offer solid knowledge of purchasing, supply chain management, IT, business development and negotiation. We also have extensive experience of international leadership, and are convinced that diversity brings good business.
We always apply a holistic approach. And we love seeing others grow!

Gunnar Lindh
+46 (0)723 04 04 84

Managing consultant with extensive international experience from living and working in four continents. Gunnar is a seasoned supply chain manager and business facilitator with proven track record within IT-management and negotiation lead. Founder of and owner to ProNav.
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Irina Dickman
+46 (0)736 45 17 43

Irina is a seasoned consultant, trainer and pedagogue. Within supply chain management Irina has delivered excellent results in management as well as in consultative and educational roles. Specialist areas include production economy, logistics and sourcing, and process development.
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Annapia Thorin
+46 (0)70 276 83 99

Annapia joined ProNav in 2017 and will initially take on assignments within training, leading courses in supply chain management and business development. Annapia is an experienced supply chain leader, with peak skills within outsourcing and contract manufacturing.
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